Opium Noir Ceramic Diffuser
Opium Noir Ceramic Diffuser
Opium Noir Ceramic Diffuser

Opium Noir Ceramic Diffuser

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Opium Noir Ceramic Diffuser

Diffusion time: Up to 3 months

Sold with fragrance refill spray bottle 

Made from Clay and hung from a vegetable leather cord, our ceramic diffusers provide long lasting aromas. Designed to add a stylish and modern touch to the way spaces are scented.

How does it work

Clay is porous meaning; it contains pores (holes) which allow liquids to pass through slowly. The ceramic diffuser id infused with one of our six signature fragrance oils which slowly evaporates into the atmosphere.

Where to use our ceramic diffusers

With a diffusion time of up to 3 months, our ceramic diffusers can be used ideally in small spaces. Perfect for adding a fresh and natural scent to wardrobes, chest of drawers, cars and even small rooms.

Opium Noir

This addictive sweet and sensual scent contains notes of vanilla, black coffee, and white floral. These irresistible ingredients are infused together by a warm undertone of white musk. Opium Noir is very similar in scent to the popular perfume.

Opium Noir Ceramic Diffuser