White Elephant Shaped Wax Melts
White Elephant Shaped Wax Melts
White Elephant Shaped Wax Melts

White Elephant Shaped Wax Melts

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12 White Elephant shaped Wax melts 

Product Scents 

Royal Oudh: A captivating rich scent with Arabian Rose, Smoky Oudh wood with a hint of praline.

Dark Honey & Tobacco: Our Dark Honey & Tobacco fragrance is a full, rich but subtle aroma made from notes of crushed tobacco, warm amber and Sandalwood. This soft woody scent is perfect for a nice calm evening by the fireplace.

Egyptian Amber: Egyptian Amber is a warm, rich and musky scent created through a luxurious blend of infused spices, herbs and floral essential oils. The scent is sweet in its base of vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

Oak Sauvage: A masculine, rich and intense scent. Oak Sauvage is a combination of rich and full fragrances perfect for creating a warm atmosphere. 

Goji Berry & Blood Orange: A true to life blend of fresh zesty blood oranges and exotic goji berries, this sweet scent is the perfect blend of fruit and citrus.

Opium Noir: This addictive sweet and sensual scent contains notes of vanilla, black coffee, and white floral. These irresistible ingredients are infused together by a warm undertone of white musk.

Lime Basil & Mandarin: Our Lime, Basil & Mandarin is a fresh premium scent made from a combination of unique and raw earthy essences which provide a prominent and strong aroma. This unisex fragrance is perfect to wind down and add luxury and opulence to the atmosphere.   

Sandalwood & Vanilla: Our Sandalwood & Vanilla sensual scent has been specially formulated to evoke a combination of both the natural aroma of woody sandalwood and the sweet scent of vanilla. 

Le Fruit De La Passion: A sweet and delicious fruit cocktail of passionfruit, papaya and pink grapefruit. A tropical cocktail  enjoyed by a sandy beach captured in a scent

Lemongrass & Persian Lime: A natural and fresh blend of zesty lime, lemongrass and subtle floral undertones. Lemongrass is a fresh and light scent. Whereas, Persian Lime is much dryer, lighter and sweeter. This powerful scent is perfect for releasing stress.

 Product Details

Our Wax melts are made from Vegan Soy wax. Each melt has a burning time of approx. 12 hours meaning you will have a total of 144 hours with each pack. 

These Wax melts can be used in traditional oil warmers/burners. However they are not suitable for use in electric diffusers that release steam.  

Product Care

 What would I need?

Simply start with a wax melt, a tealight candle and a traditional wax/ oil burner. Our wax melts are not suitable for electric diffusers that release steam.

What do I do next?

Light your tealight candle and place your wax melt in the dish of the burner. We reccomend just one wax melt. Once you've got your wax burner on the go, the wax will slowly melt to release a beautiful aroma. One wax melt from our pack will last for approximately 12 hours.

If you've burnt your wax melt and are thinking "why doesn't this smell anymore?" you may be experiencing a case of nose-blindness, or more likely, it's time to change your wax . So how do you empty a wax burner? Firstly, make sure your burner is cool to touch. Next, there are a few methods you can use to empty your burner. Some people like to burn the wax for a few minutes. Others will turn on the burner for a moment until the wax has loosened slightly, scoop it out and pop it in the bin.


White Elephant Shaped Wax Melts